Mary's Pet Pen


Mary's Pet Pen


Mary built on her experience crafting healing remedies for the medicinal cannabis community to found Mary’s Pets, a line of animal wellness products designed specifically for our animal companions. Mary's Pets products are manufactured in Denver, Colorado with hemp grown by Elite Botanicals.


Mary’s gel is clinically formulated for dogs, cats, horses, and mammals of all types.


Is it safe to provide cannabis to animals?

Cannabis is widely known to be non-toxic to humans and animals, however, animals that eat THC containing cannabis can become quite ill. Since Mary's products are a derivative of hemp that contains negligible amounts of THC, there are no psychoactive effects. Your dog will definitely *not* get stoned.

Mary and her team of scientists have worked closely with leading veterinarians to ensure the safety and efficacy of these products for all animals over 5 lbs. For animals less than 5 lbs., we recommend consulting your veterinarian.


Please give us a call at (847)406-0789 to place your order.

Shipping is available within the Untied States (excluding Florida).

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