Stephanie Reinbach, LMT

Stephanie Reinbach, LMT


Stephanie Reinbach started off as a Certified Physical Therapist Aid, then continued her education to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. She added energy and Ayurvedic work, by continuing on to become a Polarity Therapy Practitioner. She now incorporates all three, offering her unique blend of healing through intuitive touch and clinical training. By taking the time to connect with the energy ‘speaking’ in each body, Stephanie is able to provide a personalized session for each patient. Her innate understanding of how the physical and energetic planes communicate, allows Stephanie to go beyond the average massage experience. 

Types of therapeutic massage offered: Swedish Relaxation; Polarity Therapy; Physical Therapy, Craniosacral; Deep Myofacial Release work available in 30, 60, and 90 minutes sessions. Whether new or experienced with massage therapy/therapeutic touch, Stephanie has an option available for each patient. 


Thai Bodywork, Yoga, Energy Therapy, Mind Mastery Coaching, Intuitive Card Reading

Erica Peace is a natural intuitive that is passionate about helping others prosper, grow and heal through her multidisciplinary integrative energy practice. Besides having a degree in Interpersonal Communication, Erica has certifications in Therapeutic Bodywork, Yoga, Personal Training and Nutritional Therapy. In addition, she has been attuned and trained as a Master Energy Healer and Elite Life Coach. Erica has always been fascinated with quantum theory, spirituality and all things metaphysical. She loves to share her knowledge of these subjects through writing, speaking and teaching. Ask her about group classes and corporate yoga and massage services!

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ERICA’S BODYWORK SERVICES include Thai massage, clinical/ athletic Thai bodywork, private yoga and Yoga fit training. You will benefit from these bodywork services if you have acute and/or chronic pain, need relaxation, want to maintain general wellness or desire to improve athletic performance. Energy work can be infused in any bodywork service.

ERICA’S STRESS MANAGEMENT AND MIND MASTERY COACHING SERVICES include customized guided meditation and moving meditation sessions and Mind Mastery and Life Coaching sessions. You will benefit from these services if you have anxiety and stress, need assistance with goals and/ or life challenges and are seeking a complete approach to successful living. Erica assists you in identifying blocks and negative patterns, and then educates you, supports you and gives you the tools to succeed on your journey of transformation. Typical results include improved relationships, a more satisfying love life, increased self- esteem, increased happiness and goal achievement.

ERICA’S ENERGY HEALING SERVICES include remote or in person energy work and chakra balancing, intuitive card reading and energy therapy sessions. You will benefit from these services if you are experiencing mental blocks, confusion, trouble letting go of the past and have stagnancy in any area of your life.

All of Erica’s services can be combined into a customized plan for your specific needs. It gives Erica great joy to serve your wellness needs and help you on your journey.