Integrated Hemp Therapeutics

Most traditional recovery programs and protocols can be difficult to endure. At Entourage Clinical Services, we have found that by treating mind.body.spirit together, the healing process is supported in a natural and balanced manner. By creating a personalized blend of hemp cbd, body work, clinical work and energy work , the focus is on RECEIVING instead of DOING. Our methods promote BALANCE, inside and out. We offer a variety of services within one office, providing comfort and familiarity. This approach benefits most levels of healing and provides a pathway to balance and wholeness.



Choose from Clinical Counseling, Life Coaching, or Yoga Nidra Meditation to achieve mental well being. Our staff offers unique ways to address what’s going on inside your head! From a clinical mental health evaluation to energy based life coaching, we offer a range of options fitted to meet your individual needs.



Choose from Massage Therapy, Individual Yoga or Tai Chi to achieve physical wellness and vitality. Our practitioners love to offer a blended approach to body dynamics, making achieving your goals easier. Nutrition and energy evaluations enhance traditional body work options. Our Licensed Massage Therapists require a medical intake prior to providing body work. Your health and safety are of utmost importance to assure that the work received is beneficial to your system.



Choose from Japanese Style Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Meditation Groups, and Spirit Counseling as gentle ways to open and balance your energy. While we are in a material world with solid bodies, we sometimes find our inner flow of energy to be blocked or stagnant. We offer trusted professionals to teach and provide services that can get your energy open and moving!